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WT2: Math 303: Introduction to Stochastic Processes
WT1: Math 215/255: Elementary Differential Equations


WT2:Math 303: Introduction to Stochastic Processes
WT2: Math 215: Elementary Differential Equations

Textbook in probability (undergraduate level – in French) here

2013-2014 Mathematics instructor. EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science

Standard algebra and analysis

2012-2013 Assistant Teacher. University Paris VII

MM3: Advanced algebra and analysis (2nd year – in french) :
MM3 Worksheet 1 MM3 Worksheet2  MM3 Worksheet 3 MM3 Worksheet 4 MM3 Worksheet 5  MM3 Worksheet 6 MM3 Worksheet 7  MM3 Worksheet 8  MM3 Worksheet 9 MM3 Worksheet 10 MM3 Worksheet 11  MM3 Worksheet 12

2009-2012 Assistant Teacher. University Paris VI

LM 336 : Numerical Analysis and differential equations (3rd year)
LM 347: Data Analysis and Regression (3rd year)
LM 110: Functions (1st year)
LM 121: Linear Algebra (1st year)
LM 223 : Quadratic forms and geometry (2nd year)