WT2: Math 612: Topics in Mathematical Biology: This course will focus on Mathematical and computational methods for image and 3D shape analysis in biology (course description  here)

 Note: As a 2021 Wall Scholars program awardee, I will not teach undergrad course this year


WT2: Math 303: Introduction to Stochastic Processes (Instructor in charge)
          Lecture notes:
              1. Chapter 1 (Discrete Time Markov Chain) pdf
              2. Chapter 2 (Poisson Process) pdf
             3. Chapter 3 (Continuous Time Markov Chain) pdf
Jupyter Notebooks: link to Git

WT1: Math 215/255: Elementary Differential Equations (Instructor in charge)


WT2: Math 303: Introduction to Stochastic Processes (Instructor in charge)
WT2: Math 215: Elementary Differential Equations