I am a Postdoctoral research scholar in Pr. Yun Song‘s lab at UC Berkeley (also affiliated with the CZ Biohub).

My general interest is to combine mathematical, computational and statistical tools to study fundamental processes in biology and neuroscience (for more details, see my publications).

For the past few years, I have mostly focused on studying the regulation and determinants of gene expression and translation. To do so, I have developed mathematical models of translation and analyzed data from Ribosome profiling and Cryo-EM structures, while tackling theoretical and computational problems related to particle processes, evolution, and biophysical and molecular properties of the ribosomes.

My CV is available here


  • I will start this summer as a Research Assistant Professor of mathematics at the University of British Columbia (
  • Our paper on comparative analysis of the ribosome exit tunnel across species has been published in Nucleic Acids Researchlink, f1000 recommendation