Softwares and Database (Database of Ribosome 3D structures)
MorphOT (interpolation of CryoEM maps)
EGGTART (Extensive GUI gives TASEP-realization in real-time)
Dynamics of Neuro-glial interactions

Past and present collaborators

Collaborators at UBC: 
Anne Condon (Computer Science)
Cristina Conati (Computer Science)
Simcha Srebnik (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
Ethan Greenblatt (Biochemistry)
Manu Madhav (School of Biomedical Engineering)
Anamaria Richardson (BC Children’s Hospital)
Hannah Wittman (Food and Land Systems)
Math Bio group at UBC

Current non-UBC collaborators:
Nina Miolane (Bioshape Lab at UCSB)
Eric Foxall (UBC-O)
Luca Ciandrini (Université of Montpellier)
Alexander Haig Eskandarian (UCSF)
Ashok Prasad (Colorado State University)
Frédéric Poitevin (LCLS (Stanford))

My postdoc Lab at UC Berkeley
CZ Biohub
UC Berkeley
Ecole Normale Supérieure
Collège de France